Environment variables

Besides CLI options and the configuration values in the configuration file, there are some environment variables that control the behaviour of a forest process.

Environment variableValueDefaultDescription
FOREST_KEYSTORE_PHRASEany textemptyThe passphrase for the encrypted keystore
FOREST_CAR_LOADER_FILE_IO1 or truefalseLoad CAR files with RandomAccessFile instead of Mmap
FOREST_DB_DEV_MODEsee herecurrentThe database to use in development mode
FOREST_ACTOR_BUNDLE_PATHfile pathemptyPath to the local actor bundle, download from remote servers when not set
FIL_PROOFS_PARAMETER_CACHEdir pathemptyPath to folder that caches fil proof parameter files
FOREST_PROOFS_ONLY_IPFS_GATEWAY1 or truefalseUse only IPFS gateway for proofs parameters download
FOREST_FORCE_TRUST_PARAMS1 or truefalseTrust the parameters downloaded from the Cloudflare/IPFS
IPFS_GATEWAYURLhttps://proofs.filecoin.io/ipfs/The IPFS gateway to use for downloading proofs parameters
FOREST_RPC_DEFAULT_TIMEOUTDuration (in seconds)60The default timeout for RPC calls
FOREST_MAX_CONCURRENT_REQUEST_RESPONSE_STREAMS_PER_PEERpositive integer10the maximum concurrent streams per peer for request-response-based p2p protocols


By default, Forest will create a database of its current version or try to migrate to it. This can be overridden with the FOREST_DB_DEV_MODE environmental variable.

current or (unset)Forest will either create a new database with the current version or attempt a migration if possible. On failure, it will create a new database.
latestForest will use the latest versioned database. No migration will be performed.
other values (e.g., cthulhu)Forest will use the provided database (if it exists, otherwise it will create one under this name)

The databases can be found, by default, under <DATA_DIR>/<chain>/, e.g., $HOME/.local/share/forest/calibnet.