Basic Usage

Installation with pre-built binaries

To install Forest from pre-compiled binaries, please refer to the releases page or consider using Forest Docker image (explained in detail here).

Installation from source


  • Rust - install via rustup
  • OS Base-Devel/Build-Essential
  • Clang compiler

For Ubuntu, you can install the dependencies (excluding Rust) with:

sudo apt install build-essential clang

Compilation & installation

From (latest release)

cargo install forest-filecoin

From repository (latest development branch)

# Clone the Forest repository
git clone --depth 1 && cd forest
make install

Both approaches will compile and install forest and forest-cli to ~/.cargo/bin. Make sure you have it in your PATH.

Verifying the installation

Ensure that Forest was correctly installed.

forest --version
# forest-filecoin 0.10.0+git.2eaeb9fee

Synchronize to the Filecoin network

Start the forest node. It will automatically connect to the bootstrap peers and start syncing the chain after the snapshot is downloaded. If it is your first time running the node, it will take a while to download the snapshot. Note that you will need at least 8GB of RAM to sync the mainnet chain, and over 100 GB of free disk space.




forest --chain calibnet

In another shell, you can invoke commands on the running node using forest-cli. For example, to check the synchronization status:

forest-cli sync status