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Forest is an implementation of Filecoin written in Rust. The implementation takes a modular approach to building a full Filecoin node in two parts — (i) building Filecoin’s security critical systems in Rust from the Filecoin Protocol Specification, specifically the virtual machine, blockchain, and node system, and (ii) integrating functional components for storage mining and storage & retrieval markets to compose a fully functional Filecoin node implementation.


  • Filecoin State Tree Synchronization
  • Filecoin JSON-RPC Server
  • Ergonomic Message Pool
  • Wallet CLI
  • Process Metrics & Monitoring


The Forest implementation of the Filecoin protocol is alpha software which should not yet be integrated into production workflows. The team is working to provide reliable, secure, and efficient interfaces to the Filecoin ecosystem. If you would like to chat, please reach out over Discord on the ChainSafe server linked above.